Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ways to Save Money This Winter

Posted By: Pete Hill

Although the economy seems to be recovering from the recession, it is still important for people to save money. A big component of saving money is by spending smart. Especially this time of year, where people tend to lose track of budgets and overspend given the holiday season of “giving”, there are ways to still save money. The three big ways to save money are by smart Christmas spending, lowering home energy costs, and by investing those saving to see a return.

Christmas does not need to be a time to spend all of your money just because it was what you did in the past. Through cookies, recording family gatherings, creative Christmas cards, there are plenty of ways to give memorable gifts without spending more than fifteen dollars.

At home there are ways to cut your spending, without anyone ever noticing. Energy bills are on the rise, but are easy to counteract. If you turn your thermostat down two degrees, you will save four percent off your heating bill. Additionally, turning down the hot water heater just ten degrees will save you five percent or fifteen dollars. Repeating this process will allow for savings, and make sure money is not being wasted in your own home.

Lastly, if you invest the money that you are saving from holiday spending and energy bills, you will make money on the initial savings!


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