Friday, December 11, 2009

How to save this holiday

by Jameel Murray

This holiday, people are expected to spend a vast amount of their budget on gifts for loved ones and in most cases themselves. Stores are gearing up to experience a sharp incline in their baseline sales by offering a ton of unbelievable deals particularly online. Similar to the Black Friday shopping event, Christmas is a holiday where many shoppers are brainwashed into squandering a great amount of their money. There are several options to help save money during this upcoming holiday season. One first suggestion in shopping online is to take advantage of free shipping options. Shipping usually adds a couple extra dollars that can be avoided to one’s purchase. Website such as offers coupons to over thousands of stores. Customers should mark down December 17th as free shipping day for online stores. A second suggestion for saving is to utilize the cash back option. Many stores offer money back. Stores also offer gift cards to customers. Customers can go to and purchase cheap gift cards to various stores. Other websites such as offers a list of deals to customers. Finally, compares prices on products from over 100,000 online stores. Expect to save a great deal of money this holiday.

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