Friday, December 11, 2009

Personal Branding Trend

By Ka Lee Angel Lee

Market powers are always in the hands of brand-name companies who have to determine the most effective use of their assets across markets. The value of brands can be seen in recent acquisition where prices have been many times over the book value of the company purchased. While branding for companies are becoming one of the most fierce contests in business, before going to anywhere, however, you are actually the first thing and most important thing to sell to the public. Therefore the first step is to brand manage yourself.

First of all, just like what business does, you have to find yourself a target market. That is “where you perceive yourself in?” “Do you regard yourself to be an aggressive athlete or loving social worker?” Then you need to access if you have all the assets i.e. education, experience, passion. Then you will need all the resources to build it like getting into the right network, finding the right companies. Remember, your brand is very important to you. Therefore brand protection is essential too. Be aware of the information you put online especially.

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