Sunday, December 6, 2009

How to Survive the Holidays Financially

By: Laura Reginelli

The holidays are a time of family, joy and generally gift giving. Whether the gift is big or small, most people have become used to the tradition of exchanging gifts for the holidays. For many families, the holiday spending is enough to break the bank and as we go through these economically tough times many may be wondering how to get through the holidays without overspending. It’s a balancing act of give and take. Read below for tips.

· Take advantage of the digital age and start to shop online. Often times it is less hassle and much less expensive. Shopping online allows you to easily compare prices of goods from different stores, ultimately leading you to leave with a deal!

· Don’t fear signing up for rewards cards that you come across. Often times rewards clubs have exclusive offers for members around the holiday time and they can help you keep money in the bank. Remember every little bit helps.

· Another good idea is to create a spending limit for yourself and then budget out how much you want to spend for each individual. If you have a budget you are likely to spend less and seek out the deals that are available.

· Just like when you go grocery shopping you should also bring a shopping list for holiday shopping as well. This will help eliminate time and hassle.


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