Friday, December 4, 2009

People Looking to give more charitable gifts in bad economy

Posted by: Christina Dove

In this bad economy people are struggling to figure out how to afford the Christmas gift giving season. With so many bills and loans to pay people do not have the extra expenible income that they have had in the past to spend on Christmas gifts. Even if you have not lost your job or been severely impacted in other ways are finding it difficult to decide how to effectively spend their money this holiday season.

One option a lot of Americans are taking advantage of is donating gifts to charities on behalf of people they are giving gifts to. This is a great way to help out the charities in need as well as save money on expensive, nonmeaningful gifts. As a result of the current economic climate, seven in 10 adults (71 percent) will spend less money on holiday presents this year, and about half (49 percent) are now more likely to give a charitable gift as a holiday present. Also, more than four in five adults (84 percent) would prefer to receive a meaningful gift that would help someone else rather than a traditional holiday gift such as clothing or electronics. These statistics show that now more than ever is the time to truely be giving this holiday season and donate gifts to those who need them most.

Not only is this a great opportunity to save money, it is shown that people would rather receive a meaningful gift rather than a standard thoughtless store bought gift. So this holiday season start being creative in your gift giving and save some money in the process.


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