Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cyber Monday is a larger success than Black Friday

Posted By: Pete Hill

The last week of November is an especially important one for the U.S. economy. Following the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday is Black Friday, traditionally the best sales day of the year for retailers as Americans rush to do their Christmas gift shopping.

Monday brought a bit of holiday cheer for online retailers as shoppers spent less time but more money than last year.

Many predicted that Black Friday would be bigger than Cyber Monday, but the results were surprising. U.S. consumers spent ten percent more on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday. Monday's sales were up fourteen percent compared to last year and the number of items per order also climbed thirty percent.

Online shopping can be much more beneficial to a consumer by comparing prices, instead of going right into one store. If you can figure out a way to get good at the internet, consumers can have some fun at this. It will be helpful, more than ever before, in this economy to help our dollar go further.


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  1. Honestly, this doesn't surprise me because the amount of money consumers can spend has significantly decreased due to the rising unemployment rate. Those who can afford to spend money don't have the time nor motivation to rush to black friday sales when they can simply wait for the sales to come to them on Cyber Monday. Yet many families have made camping out on Black Friday a tradition so I don't forsee Black Friday sales dipping to a point that stores will cease to sales. However, I do think that most stores will try to market their online sales to take advantage of the increase in online sales.

    --Lisa Matthys