Saturday, December 5, 2009

Low Cost, High Thought, Holiday Ideas

Posted By Pete Hill

The time of the year starting with “Black Friday” and ending on Christmas Eve is a time in which spending increasing, and many budgets are not followed as planned. However, there are ways to spend efficiently, and give gifts that will be thoughtful and beneficial.

Many holiday shopping strategies focus on getting more for less. But in actuality it is just better to give and get less stuff for a lot less money. Two of the easiest ways to cut down the holiday spending is to not buy yourself presents during the holiday season, and do not buy items for your spouse. Homemade gifts that last forever and can capture more loving memories are always preferred and cost much less money.

Another big problem of the holiday shopping season is that many people buy gifts that have a higher price tag than the value it actually brings to the recipient. For example, you may buy a present for some for fifty dollars that they may not spend fifty dollars on, or even buy all together. As a result, there is one present that is always effective- cash.

With new fees and restrictions on gift cards, money becomes the much more useful and thoughtful gift. Money can be used everywhere, even internationally. In addition, you can buy anything at anytime, with no penalty for holding onto it too long.

As a result, during the holiday shopping time, cash are perfect presents although with thoughtful, homemade gifts.


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